Wednesday 1/2/19

WOW WELCOME TO 2019!! Happy New Year everyone, hope you all enjoyed the holidays and a nice long break (which we all need from time to time). Now let's get back to the gym and hit those 2019 goals!

Another reminder of some new additions to the schedule:
Saturday 9:15am returns beginning this week (1/5)
Monday and Wednesday 5:00pm beginning next week (1/7)

And stay tuned for some nutrition and goal setting workshops coming soon! It's no fun training without some goals, and we can't reach those goals without a strong foundation of good nutrition 🙂

Wednesday 1/2/19

1.) Balance:
a.) Tabata warm ups
b.) Dynamic stretches

2.) Strength: Easing back into things with some BW exercises
21-15-9 (For movement quality
Push ups
Med ball Air squats
Ring rows
Hollow rocks
TRX "bis and tris"
*Side Planks in between rounds*

3.) Movement: Complete the following...
Who cares?! Just Show Up!