Tuesday 4/10/18

a.) Quad recovery
b.) Upperbody stretch/mobility
b.) PVC overhead warm up

a.) Z-press (3x15)
b.) Pull ups (5x5)
*Weighted if necessary to make 5 strict reps difficult

Movement: Complete the following for time...
20 rounds
1 wall walk
3 Toes to bar/knees to chest
5 ball/bag over shoulder

*Don't let the number of rounds scare you away from this one!  Think about how long each movement will take (1 wall walk= 10-15 sec., 3 Toes to bar= 5-10 seconds, 5 ball over shoulder=10-20 seconds).  Each round could/should technically take less than 1 minute. All of you have worked consistently for 20+ minutes, so don't be worried.  Come get it!!