Tuesday 11/6/18

You don't always have to lift heavy weights to get fitter and stronger.  Learning how to move and control your own bodyweight should be the top priority for building a solid fitness base. Today we are going to focus on tempo work and spend time under tension with some challenging bodyweight movements. Enjoy!

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up stretches
b.) band exercises

2.) Strength: Push/Pull EMOM 
minute 1: Strict ring/box dips  3-count down/3-count up (x3-5)
minute 2: TRX row w/ 3-count pause at top (x6)
minute 3: Handstand hold/wall walk hold (x:30)
minute 4: Pull up variations*
*3-count lower only w/ or w/o bands, Strict, Weighted, L-sit

3.) Movement: Go every 3:00, once the work is complete rest until the next round begins

400m run
12 Pull ups

200m run
21 KB swings