Tuesday 10/30/18

YIN YOGA Friday night at 6:00pm!!! First and 3rd Friday of every month! So don’t forget to come and end the week with a relaxing deep stretch session.

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up stretches w/PVC

2.) Strength: Bodyweight 12:00 EMOM 
Minute #1: 3 wall walks or 5 HSPU
Minute #2: 10 Strict TTB/KTC/V-ups
Minute #3: 10 Ring or box dips
Minute #4: 10 TRX rows

3.) Movement: Complete for max reps
5 minutes:
400m run buy in, then AMRAP
10 Pull ups/ring rows
15 Sit ups
10 calorie bike/row

Rest 1 minute, repeat for 3 total rounds 

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