Steelhead Guide Clearwater River

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Steelhead Guide Clearwater River

The Clearwater River Valley is home to some of the cleanest and most pristine waters in the Lower 48.  Clearwater River steelhead fishing is an international attraction because of its B-run steelhead population.  Indeed, Clearwater River is home to some of the best steelhead fishing in the world, an at Steelhead Mania; we pull whoppers out of Clearwater river every day.

Steelhead Mania is the #1 steelhead fishing guide on Clearwater River because we know these waters like the backs of our hands, and we've been providing guided steelhead fishing tours here for more than 30 years.  The hopes of catching a trophy steelhead attract anglers from around the world each year.  Contact Steelhead Mania to plan your trip today.  Your Clearwater River steelhead guide is here to serve you.

Plan Your Trip with Steelhead Mania

The state of Idaho allows steelhead fishing for seven months out of the year on Clearwater River.  That gives our visitors enough time to plan their trips thoroughly.  Hence, you have seasonal options, and you can decide which best suits you:

Catch & Keep Season: October 15-May 15

Catch & Release Season: July 15-October 15

We focus our efforts on the lower part of Clearwater River where the fish enter.  Each year, steelhead fish return from the ocean to the Clearwater River for spawning.  With the help of our Clearwater River steelhead guide, it's typical for anglers to pull several 20-30 LB trophy steelhead fish out of the river every day.

Choose the Right Steelhead Guide for Clearwater River Fishing

The state of Idaho strictly limits the number of outfitters who are permitted to operate businesses on Clearwater River.  Permits are limited to protect both the Clearwater habitat and our guests who visit each year.  We are proud owners of one of these rare and special permits, and our staff knows these waters better than anyone.

Clearwater River is one of the most coveted sport fishing rivers in the United States, and Clearwater gives us ten months of trophy fishing each year.  Your steelhead guide fishes Clearwater River each one of those ten months.  As seasons change, fishing techniques also change, and your steelhead fishing guide will adapt accordingly.  For example, during autumn, our steelhead fishing guides fish Clearwater River's shallowest waters.  The side drifting technique seems to be the most effective here, and the steelhead can't resist chasing our baits.

Contact Us Today to Plan Your Guided Steelhead Fishing Trip

We fish predominately in a 50-mile stretch of water from the confluence of the Snake River and Clearwater River in Lewiston, ID to Orofino, ID.  Contact us today for help planning your trip, and let a qualified steelhead guide show you Clearwater River the right way.

All of our guides are highly professional, courteous, well-trained, and eager to help.  Safety is our number one priority, and giving our guests a memorable time is close-second.  Contact us by phone or by email.

Steelhead Guide Clearwater River
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