Popes Haunted Farm

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Popes Haunted Farm

When you want something unique and memorable to experience during the fall months, then there is nothing quite like making plans to visit a haunted attraction with friends. For example, Popes Haunted Farm is a great way to take part in the scares and laughter instead of sitting home while the seasons change. All you need to do is set aside some time to visit, and the character actors and visuals will take care of the rest! 

How Can I Have Fun At A Haunted Attraction? 

It is essential that you know that no two haunts are created equally. The more that you know about visiting one, the more that you can bet you and your friends will have a great time. To start with, you can make a night of it where you and some friends or you and family members can experience the attraction together. Once you pull up to Popes Haunted Farm, you will be fully immersed in the haunted attraction experience. This is your chance to spend time with friends, mingle around, and soak up all of the sights, sounds, and action that is taking place all around you. Keep in mind that it is always good to take your time to enjoy the full experience rather than rushing. 

What Is A Haunted Hayride? 

Haunted hayrides are a very popular piece of the puzzle when you have an outdoor haunted attraction that operates during the fall months. This is a type of ride where guests enter into a wagon attached to a truck or tractor, and it travels through a designated path throughout the farm. We use a variety of sights, sounds, effects, and character actors to bring the scare factor to the forefront. Guests love to scream and watch in wonder at what is coming out around the next turn, and the hayride is an attraction that is not to be missed if you want to have an authentic haunted adventure. 

Why Popes Haunted Farm?

We are one of the most significant haunted attractions in the area, and we bring all different types of haunts to our guests. The various elements of our attraction include the Haunted Buggy Ride, which comes complete with up close and personal scares. There is also the Haunted Hayride: Strangers, which takes you on a ride through the woods and a sea of scares that is over a mile long. The Haunted Barn: Slaughterhouse is not to be missed, which is made up of over 30 incredible and spine-tingling scents and plenty of innovative animatronics. Finally, the Haunted Forest: Collector is over a half-mile walk where you will encounter some of the strongest scares of the evening. As a matter of fact, only a fraction of the guests is able to make it all the way through. What about you?

The season is coming fast, and Popes Haunted Farm is getting ready to open! Mark your calendars and get ready to have lots of bone-chilling fun with our ghosts and ghouls throughout our vast farmland. This is the type of experience during the fall months that is not to be missed, so start making plans now!

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