Monday 4/30/18

Our summer fitness challenge begins next Monday (May 7th) and it is filling up fast! SO if you want a little extra guidance and motivation to reach those fitness and nutrition goals sign up by THIS FRIDAY (5/4).

There will be two separate “kickoff meeting” times to go over the specifics and get your initial measurements and body composition test.
1.) Thursday 5/3 @5:30pm
2.) Friday 5/4 @10:30am

If you want to participate but cannot make either of those times PLEASE contact Alexis (561-427-3522) ASAP to schedule a time to come in this week.

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up/mobility
b.) 3 sets
50 jump rope
5 of each PVC exercise (pass throughs, lat stretch, tricep stretch w/ squat, BTN press and push press)

2.) Strength: 15 minutes to find a heavy 3RM Push press
*Between warm up sets perform shoulder band exercises*

3.) Movement: Complete the following for time…
1000m row
100 double/single unders
1000m run
100 double/single unders
1000m row

*There is a time cap, so don’t let the distances intimidate you!! The goal of this workout is to work on aerobic fitness, so plan on moving and keeping that heart rate up for period of time*