Golf Fitness

The best way to become a better golf player isn’t just by playing more golf, it’s by improving your overall athleticism. Swing harder hit, longer, and drive your game into high gear with Drive Fitness & Performance.

Whether you’re a weekly player who wants to increase your level, a high school player hoping to make the varsity team, or an athlete just looking to play better with dad on the weekends, DRIVE FP can help get you meet your goals. Our one­of­a­kind programs coached by TPI certified coaches, help golfers become stronger, more balanced, and less prone to nagging injuries such as:


  • Hip immobility, lack of pelvic rotation
  • Improper knee bend
  • Pronation of the feet
  • Shoulder immobility
  • Inefficient set­up, pelvic tilt
  • Spinal stenosis, poor lumbar posture
  • Imbalance due to weak proprioception

If there is a breakdown in function and any given segment it will affect multiple outcomes including, ball-striking, distance control, and trajectory. Our training sessions focus on training players to feel the correct movements that will make their swing more efficient, thus providing better ball control. Simple, effective drills are prescribed to engage the correct muscles at the correct time during the golf swing. As the player focuses on the specific exercises, swing mechanics evolve into repeatable motions. The game has reached a point where its participants do not need convincing that better fitness, biomechanics, and health will improve their chances of playing their best. Today’s golfers need to be convinced that their instructors are up to date with the latest information on the sport. Golfers want to trust their coach, instructor or practitioner. TPI Certification gives golfers that trust!

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