Friday 12/21/18

I hope all of you are getting ready for some fun and happy holiday times over the next couple weeks! I know it is a really busy time of year for all of us so if you can, take a deep breath and enjoy the season.  Enjoy some family time and time spent with friends.  And come January 1st, if you feel like you overdid the holiday eats and drinks... well know that you won't be alone and we will all be heading back o the gym to work it off!!


Monday 12/24:  9:15 and 12:00 ONLY!

Tuesday 12/25-1/1: CLOSED!! (This is a big change from the previous schedule so I will be posting "at home" workouts you can do that week so keep checking the website if you want a programmed workout to work off the holiday junk foods)


There are going to be some additions to the class schedule beginning in January:
Mondays and Wednesdays (beginning the week of 1/7): NEW CLASS at 5:00pm
Saturdays (beginning January 5th): 9:15am IS BACK!!

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Workout prep

3.) Movement: "Tabata Gone Bad"
:20 work/:10 rest (x8 at each station)
a.) Calorie row
b.) wall balls
c.) KB Swings (Or KB SDHP)
d.) Push press
e.) box jumps/steps