Christmas Week Workouts

Here's some ideas of stuff to do at home, at a park, at your neighborhood fitness center if you are feeling the need to work off the Christmas drinks and treats!

1.) Timed 5K run/walk. See how long it takes you complete 3.1miles. Walk, jog, run, sprint, or any combination! Just get out and move.
Spend about 10 minutes doing some different dynamic warm up stretches like we do in class. Make sure your body feels warmed up, then begin the 5K.

2.) Try this workout from one of the CrossFit opens:
7:00 AMRAP of Burpees!
Yes you read that right... do as many burpees as you can in 7:00. Simple. Effective. Sucky.

3.) 20:00 AMRAP
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats

or, if you don't have anything to do pull ups or rows...

5 Push ups
10 Sit ups
15 Squats
10-15 minute dynamic warm up stretches followed by some extra warm up for your shoulders.

4.) "Loredo"
6 rounds of:
24 Squats
24 Push ups
24 Lunges (total)
400m run