Tuesday 10/16/18

Don't forget Yin yoga is back on the 1st and 3rd Friday's each month.  So grab your mat and favorite beverage and come join us Friday night at 6:00pm for a relaxing deep stretch yoga class.

1.) Balance:
a.) Hamstring and glute mobility
b.) Dynamic warm up stretches

2.) Strength: 3 sets
a.) Sumo deadlift (x10, start your sets when you warm up to a challenging weight)
b.) 1-leg RDL (x10/leg)
c.) Weighted bridges (x20)

3.) Movement: Complete the following for time...
600m run (3 laps), followed by:
4 rounds of
10 Box push offs 
10 Plate sit ups
400m run, followed by:
4 rounds of 
10 toes to bar or knees to chest
10 Plate sit ups
200m run

Monday 10/15/18

1.) Balance:
a.) T-spine mobility
b.) 3 sets
50 jumps
10 band pull parts each way
5 foam roll ups w/ band
10 kipping swings

2.) Strength: 4 sets
a.) Strict press x3 + Push press x6
b.) Kneeling straight arm pull down x10

3.) Movement: As many rounds as possible in 18:00
200m row
30 Air squats
20 Push ups
10 Pull ups or ring rows
25 Double unders

Friday 10/12/18

Today's workout format is a little different than usual.  I'll give you the exercises and YOU decide the order and amount you want to do.

Complete the following laundry list of work.  You may do it in any order, in any rep scheme, however you want as long as all reps of all exercises are completed.  The combinations are endless, so get creative!!


a.) 30 Power cleans(dumbbells or barbell at 50% bodyweight)

b.) 30 Pull ups or ring rows

c.) 600m run (3 laps)

d.) 30 walking lunges each leg OR 30 front rack lunges TOTAL

e.) 30 Shoulder to overhead 

f.) 300m sled push with 50% body weight (end of building and back 3 times)

g.) 30 floor wipers

Examples for partitioning:
a.) 3 rounds
10 power cleans
10 pullups
1 lap
10 lunges
10 Shoulder to overhead
100m sled push
10 floor wipers

b.) 600m run
5 rounds of:
6 power cleans
6 Shoulder to overhead
6 Lunges
6 Pull ups
6 floor wipers
THEN, 3 sled pushes

200m run
3 sets of 
10 power cleans
10 shoulder to overhead
200m run 
3 sets of 
10 pull ups
1 sled push
200m run
3 sets of
10 lunges
10 floor wipers 


Wednesday 10/10/18

1.) Balance:
a. Dynamic warm up
b. Squat prep and mobility

2.) Strength: 4 sets
Front squat x3 + Back squat x6

3.) Movement: Complete for time
Wall balls
DB snatches (total)

Tuesday 10/9/18

1.) Balance:
a. Hamstring and glute mobility
b. Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: 3 sets
a. RDL (x15)
b. SB HS curl (x15)
c. 1-leg hip bridge on bench (x10/leg)

3.) Movement: 4 rounds
10 Box step overs
15 Mountain climbers/leg
20 Wtd. sit ups
200m run
1 minute rest 

Monday 10/8

a.) Dynamic stretches
b.) Rowing technique and double under practice

2.) Strength: 
Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes perform...
Minute 1: Ring dips (x8-10)
Minute 2: Wall walk (x2)
Minute 3: Strict TTB/KTC (x5-10)

3.) Movement: Complete the following for time...
1500m/1000m row
100 double unders
10 rounds of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats

Friday 10/5/18

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Deadlift 4 x 8

3.) Movement: Complete the following with a partner.  Run together, split the work.  Only one person works at a time, reps/rounds can be split however you want!

4 laps with a medicine ball (switch as needed but stay together)
4 rounds of:
   10 wall balls
   10 Pull ups or ring rows
3 Laps with a medicine ball or sand bag
3 rounds of:
   20 ball or bag over shoulder
   10 Pull ups or ring rows
2 laps with medicine ball
2 rounds of:
   30 ball slams
   10 Pull ups or ring rows

*Your médicine ball will change after each section, but don't let it touch the ground before your team is done or there will be a burpee penalty!!*

Wednesday 10/3/18

 Don't forget...YOGA this Friday night @6pm!

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes...
Beginner: 2 manmakers
Intermediate: 3 manmakers
Advanced: 4 manmakers

3.) Movement: Complete as many reps as possible in 12 minutes
UP by 2's..

2 Push ups
2 Toes to bar/knees to chest
2 Box push overs
4 Push ups
4 Box push overs...
6 of each, 8 of each, 10 of each and keep going until time runs out

Tuesday 10/2/18

1.) Balance:
OH and pec mobility
Shoulder bands

2.) Strength: 3 sets
a.) Ring dips x8-10 OR Ring hold+dip hold w/ band
b.) Pendlay row x10
c.) Floor press x15
d.) Pull over situps x20

3.) Movement: Complete for time
Double unders
Calorie row
Hang power clean OR DB hang power clean

Monday 10/1/18

This week on Friday 10/5 YIN YOGA IS BACK!!! Come enjoy a relaxing deep stretch class to end your week!

1.) Balance: 
a.) Dynamic warm up: banded run drills and dynamic stretches
b.) Squat prep 2 x 10
Banded Side steps
Banded Half squats
Fire hydrants
1-leg hip bridges

2.) Strength: 4 sets
a.) Front squat x3 + Back squat x5
b.) RLESS x8/leg

3.) Movement: Complete for time
1000m run, then 
40 Goblet squats
30 pull ups/ring rows
20 burpee box jumps