Wednesday 9/26/18

Today’s workout is a long one.  We are just going to go through the movements and get right to it! Don’t let the reps intimidate you, it can be done solo or with a partner.

50 box jumps or step ups
30 Pull ups or ring rows
50 KB swings
30 lunges each leg (no weight)
50 Push ups
30 Toes to bar or knees to chest (or v-ups)
50 Wall balls
30 db snatches
50 Double unders
30 calorie row 

Tuesday 9/25/18

1.) Balance:
Shoulder mobility and stability
Med ball skill transfer drills

2.) Strength: 8 sets at your own pace.  Work up in weight each set as form allows
Power clean + push jerk (x3)
*Focus on barbell cycling.  Do not release the bar between reps*

3.) Movement: Complete 5 rounds for time.  (Can be done with a barbell (115/75) or dumbbells depending on comfort and experience with the movements)
12 Deadlifts 
9 Hang power cleans
6 Push jerks
* every minute on the minute do 3 burpees (over the bar for extra credit)

Monday 9/24/18

1.) Balance:
Dynamic warm up and running drills

2.) Strength/skill: Best 1 mile run or 2000m row (compare to 7/25)

3.) Movement: Lower body strength EMOM12 (4 sets of each)
Minute 1: Back squat x8 (increase weight each set)
Minute 2: Pistol progression x5/leg
Minute 3: Wtd. hip bridge x10

Friday 9/21/18

**Schedule Update**
Beginning in October, Friday Night Yin Yoga is back! (October dates are Oct. 5th and 19th)

1st and 3rd Friday every month @ 6:00pm come in and end your week with a nice relaxing deep stretch class and even enjoy your favorite beverage.  Tell your friends! Free for members $10 for guests.

1.) Balance: Shoulder bands

2.) Strength: 5 sets
Strict press x2 + Push press x4

3.) Movement: Complete each of the following, rest for the remaining time
a.) 3 rounds
500/400m row
8 db push press each arm

b.) 3 rounds
400m run
12 pull ups 


Wednesday 9/19/18

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first class here at Drive. While it was terrifying to start a new endeavor, I was truly moved by the of support I received and continue to receive from all of you! Not just those of you in this picture of my first class here, but all members and personal training clients.  Thank you for your support over the past year!! I can’t wait to continue to grow and continue working out with all of you. We are going to do the same workout (with a slight change to exclude more burpees) we did that night.  See you here!

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up and shoulder mobility

2.) Strength: Upper body pulling circuit (3 sets)

3.) Movement:
5 db snatches/arm
10 ring rows
15 air squats
**Every 4 minutes run 200m (0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00)


Tuesday 9/18/18

Time slots for personal training sessions and membership upgrades are filling up! If you are interested in upgrading your membership (or sign up for one!) to include your private “skill sessions” contact Alexis.

1.) Balance: 
a.) Hamstring mobility (SMR and band distraction)
b.) Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength:
a.) Deadlift (10-10-8-8-8-5-5-5-5-5)
*10 sets to work up to a challenging 5-rep for the day

b1.) 1-leg RDL 3×10
b2.) SB hamstring curl 3×10

3.) Movement: Double tabata (:20 on/:10 off x8 each)
a.) Push ups (compare score to 7/25)
b.) Double unders 
*Complete all 8 intervals of a. before moving on to b.*

Monday 9/17/18

Eventhough it is a day late, we have a special request for a birthday workout!  This man has enthusiastically thrown himself into his fitness regimen over the past few years.  With unmatched record keeping, dedication, and extraordinarily hard work he has improved leaps and bounds.  But really…I think his secret to staying so fit is his affinity for chalk 😉

Happy Birthday Perry!! Can’t wait to join you for this one!

Perry’s Birthday WOD
Complete the following for time.  Individually or with a partner:

1952m row
66 Wall balls or ball over shoulder
66 Toes to bar or knees to chest or sit ups
66 KB swings
66 Burpees

Friday 9/14/18

**New Membership Options**
I am excited to roll out these new upgrades for all existing members as well as any newcomers.  Sometimes just attending a class isn’t enough to get the results you want.  After all it is only 1 out of 24 hours in a day! It takes an individually crafted approach to achieve and maintain results…

Upgrade #1:  (2) private training sessions + unlimited classes ($200/month)

Upgrade #2:  (4) private training sessions + unlimited classes ($275/month)

Your training sessions can be used for anything YOU WANT! You can use i for meal planning/nutrition consultations, targeted workouts, extra workouts, skill building, or even injury prevention complete with a home exercise program.  Contact me for more details or to upgrade your membership!

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Workout prep

3.) Movement: Complete 3 rounds for time
400m run
21 KB swings
15 Wall balls
9 Pull ups or ring rows