Monday 11/27/17

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving full of friends, family, and food! Now it's time to get back to the grind.  Today's workout is all about maintaining your pace.  None of these movement should be so taxing that you would need to stop and rest, nor are the reps very high.  So find a quick pace that you can maintain for the duration of the workout.



1a.) Front squats (5x5)

1b.) Bulgarian split squats  (3x10)


Daily Workout: 15 minutes, as many rounds as possible

2 around the worlds

4 lunges/leg

6 burpees

8 air squats 


Wednesday 11/22/17

Here's the holiday schedule for the remainder of the week:

Wednesday: Normal schedule (9:15am/12pm/6pm)

Thursday: NO CLASS

Friday: 9:15am ONLY

Saturday: NO CLASS

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Daily workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of

5 Pull ups

10 Burpees

15 KB swings

**Every 4 minutes run 200m, first run starts at 0:00



Monday 11/20/17

Here is the schedule for this week for classes.  There's  a few changes for the holiday so check it out:

Monday-Wednesday: Normal schedule

Thursday: NO CLASS

Friday: 9:15am ONLY

Saturday: NO CLASS


A.) Skill practice: Push press/push jerk

B.) Stamina:

800m run, then

4 rounds of:

8 Shoulder to overhead

12 box jump overs/step overs



Friday 11/17/17

Today's workout was created by a long time friend and fellow gym rat with a specific goal: to inspire.  Four years ago this man was faced with one of the most difficult physical and mental challenges one can endure.  Something life changing in many ways.  He worked day in and day out to get better, to recover, to live an active and healthy life; never accepting the status quo and constantly looking to improve.  In my time working with him he never complained about the challenges he was facing, never stopped improving, and ALWAYS kept a positive attitude towards his work.  Watching this man progress and recover has been nothing short of an honor and truly inspiring!  I often think of his attitude when i face my own challenges and just tell myself   "c'mon let's go.  No one's gonna do it for you."  Thank you Jeff for inspiring everyone around you to be better.


8 Rounds

15 Air squats

10 sit ups

8 push ups

5 burpees

200m run with a plate

Thursday 11/16/17

A.) Core circuit x3

1/2 Turkish get up

1-arm ring archer row

V-up transfer

Hanging up and overs



B.) Daily Workout: 

5 rounds of

200m row

20 Kettlebell swings

10 DB push press





Wednesday 11/15/17

Learning how to pick an object up correctly (whether a heavy barbell, a piece of furniture, bag of dog food, or even a laundry basket) is an absolute necessity for daily life! It is one of the most functional movements that we do so why not practice?


1.) Strength: Deadlifts+ accessory work


2.)Daily Workout: Complete the following for time (15 min time cap)

100 single or double unders

50 Walking lunges

40 sit ups

30 Pushups

20 cal row

30 push ups

40 sit ups

50 walking lunges

100 single/double under

Tuesday 11/14/17

Tuesday 11/14/17


The key to getting results in your fitness routine is INTENSITY! We don't get anywhere without a lot of hard work and dedication both in and out of the gym.  Today's workout is a great example of creating that intensity.  Simple movements, cleanly executed, at a difficult pace.


Complete 1 minute at each station for max repetitions (x3):

a.) Alternating dumbbell snatches

b.) Burpees

c.) Box jumps

d.) Pull ups/Ring rows

e.) Thrusters