Tuesday 4/16/19

There will be NO CLASSES from Thursday 4/25-Monday 4/29.
Regular schedule will resume Tuesday 4/30.

1.) Balance:
Dynamic warm up
Squat prep

2.) Strength: 5 sets
Front squat x2+ Back squat x4

3.) Movement: For time...

15 TTB/KTC/V-ups
20 DB snatches (total)
25 OH DB lunges/leg
30 KB swings
25 OH DB lunges/leg
20 DB snatches (total)
15 TTB/KTC/V-ups

Monday 4/15/19

1.) Balance:
Running and ladder drills

2.) Strength and Movement:
10 rounds of:
200m run
10 burpees
1:00 Rest

**The goal is similar to last weeks workout with rowing intervals: Try to keep all rounds the same pace**

Wednesday 4/10/19

1.) Balance:
a. Dynamic stretches
b. shoulder prep

2.) Strength and Movement: 4 sets, not for time
a.) Bench press x12
b.) Seated DB press x10
c.) Inverted row x8
d.) Chin up x6
e.) 400m run

Tuesday 4/9/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength and Movement:
10 rounds
300/250m row
30 Double unders/single unders
*Rest 1 minute between rounds*

The purpose of this workout is to work on improving aerobic fitness. Aim to maintain the same time each round, which means keep yourself from redlining right away!

Monday 4/8/19

1.) Balance:
a. Dynamic warm up
b. Squat prep

2.) Strength:
Front squat x2 + Back squat 4 (5 sets)

Accessories: 3 x 10
a. Sandbag bridges
b. Modified RDL
c. DB step up

3.) Movement: Complete for time (10:00 cap)
4 rounds
200m run
5 man makers

Friday 4/5/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength and Movement:

AMRAP 40:00 with a partner
50 Burpees
400m run
50 KBS
400m run
50 Ball slams
400m run
50 Toes to bar/KTC


Wednesday 4/3/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic stretches

2.) Strength: 3 sets, NOT for time

Front Rack lunges (x10 total)
Push press (x15)
Pendlay Row (x15)
Bar roll out with tricep ext. (x10)
Floor wipers (x10)
Sled Push (1 x 50m)

3.) Movement: Rowing EMOM
At the top of every minute for 10 minutes...
Row 10/7 calories

Tuesday 4/2/19

1.) Balance:
a. glute/hamstring mobility
b. deadlift prep (2 sets)
PVC hip hinge drill, bench sumo drill, SB bridge to curl, SB stir the pot

2.) Strength: Deadlift
Work to a heavy 3-rep for the day

3.) Movement: 3 rounds (15:00 cap)
400m run
15 deadlifts
15 V-ups

Monday 4/1/19

Another fitness challenge today! How strong are you for your bodyweight? And how is your muscle endurance in bodyweight exercises? Those are the 2 main things we are testing today with this workout.

1.) Balance:
a. Warm up tabatas: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, hollow rocks, superman
b. Dynamic stretches

2.) Strength: Shoulder prep (bands, scapulas push /pull, ITYWs)

3.) Movement: Complete as many reps/rounds as possible in 20 minutes

5 Pull ups/ring rows
10 Push ups
15 Air squats

Friday 3/29/19

YES! 9:15am CLASS ON SATURDAY!! See you there!

1.) Balance:
Dynamic warm up
Front rack mobility

2.) Strength: Power clean
*15 minutes to work to a heavy weight*

3.) Movement: For time...
800m run
15 Rounds of:
1 Power clean
3 Pike push ups or seated plate press
5 Wall balls
800m run