Wednesday 7/3/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up and squat prep

2.) Strength: Re-test
Back or front squat 3-RM

3.) Movement: 4 rounds for time
200m. run
15 Plate sit ups
10 cal bike
1:00 plank hold

Tuesday 7/2/19

**July 4th Schedule**
July 4th- 9:15 and 12:00 ONLY!!
July 5th- NO CLASSES
July 6th- NO CLASSES

1.) Balance: 3 sets
3 PVC pass-throughs/around the worlds
3 Foam roller roll outs
3 open books/side
10 Floor W's to Ys
10 Band pull aparts

2.) Strength: Re-test
Bench press or Push press 3-RM

3.) Movement: 12:00 ladder. How far can you get...
1 renegade row
1 box jump/step overs
2 renegade row
2 box jumps/step overs
3 renegade rows
3 box jumps/step overs
4 renegade rows
4 box jumps/step overs

Friday 6/28/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up and squat prep

2.) Strength: *Deload*
Front or back squat
3x8 @ 50%

3.) Movement: Complete for time...
Buy in, 400m run, THEN

3 rounds of:
50 double unders
30 wall balls
10 db snatch/arm

Buy out, 400m run

Wednesday 6/26/19

Thursday July 4th-- 9:15am and 12:00pm classes ONLY!!
Friday July 5th and Saturday July 6th-- NO CLASSES!!

1.) Balance: Dynamic stretches

2.) Strength: Power clean practice

3.) Movement: On a running clock complete the following...

From 0:00-10:00:
800m run
20 Power cleans
20 Burpees over bar
(rest for remainder of time until 10:00)

From 10:00-20:00
800m run
16 Power cleans
16 Burpees over bar
(rest remainder of time until 20:00)

From 20:00-completion
800m run
12 Power cleans
12 Burpees over bar

Tuesday 6/25/19

1.) Balance:
Dynamic warm-up
RC bands

2.) Strength: Bench press or push press *deload*
3 x 8 @50%

3.) Movement: "Tabata This"
Complete 8 intervals of :20 of each exercise with :10 rest between. No extra break between different exercises. Your total reps are your score!

A.) Pull ups (:20/:10 x8)

B.) Sit ups (:20/:10 x8)

C.) Push ups (:20/:10 x8)

D.) Air squats (:20/:10 x8)

Monday 6/24/19


1.) Balance: Dynamic stretches and deadlift prep
2 sets:
HS curls x10
Plank saw x10
Band RDL x10
Stir the pot x10/way

2.) Strength: *Deload Week*
Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift
3 x 8 @50%

3.) Movement: 3 rounds for time (15:00 time cap)
12 Dips
21 KB Swings
500m row

Friday 6/21/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic stretches and squat prep

2.) Strength: Front or back squat
x8 @75%
x5 @85%
x max reps @95%

3.) Movement: For time...
Thrusters (db or bar)
Ring rows
*200m run after each round*

Wednesday 6/19/19

1.) Balance:
a.) Overhead/shoulder mobility
b.) I-T-Y-W (2x10)
c.) RC band warm up (2x15)

2.) Strength: Bench press or push press
x8 @75%
x5 @85%
x max effort @95%

3.) Movement: for time...
a.) Able bodied runners:
800m run
400m sandbag carry
800m run


b.) Non-runners:
1000m row/40 cal bike
400m sandbag carry
1000m row/40 cal bike

Tuesday 6/18/19

1.) Balance: Deadlift prep, 3 sets
a.) Hamstring curls x10
b.) SB stir-the-pot plank x10 each way
c.) Banded good mornings x10

2.) Strength: Deadlift or Sumo deadlift
x8 @ 75%
x5 @ 85%
x max reps at 95%

3.) Movement: 15:00 ladder
2-4-6-8-10... as far as you can get in the 15:00 of

Calorie row or bike
DB snatch (total)
Alternating V-ups (each side)

Monday 6/17/19

Beginning next week (6/24) through August 9th there will be NO MONDAY/WEDNESDAY 5:00pm class!!

There WILL still be daily 6:00pm classes and still Friday 5:00pm class:)

1.) Balance: Dynamic stretches

2.) Strength and Movement: Complete for time

A.) If you've been coming consistently for 6+ months:
50 Box jumps
50 KTC
50 Kettlebell swings
50 walking lunges (total steps)
50 Push press
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Wall balls
50 Supermans
50 burpees
50 double unders

B.) If you've been working out consistently for LESS than 6 months, or have been coming to class less than twice a week for the past few months:

Same movements as above, but modify the volume to 30 reps of each