Christmas Week Workouts

Here’s some ideas of stuff to do at home, at a park, at your neighborhood fitness center if you are feeling the need to work off the Christmas drinks and treats!

1.) Timed 5K run/walk. See how long it takes you complete 3.1miles. Walk, jog, run, sprint, or any combination! Just get out and move.
Spend about 10 minutes doing some different dynamic warm up stretches like we do in class. Make sure your body feels warmed up, then begin the 5K.

2.) Try this workout from one of the CrossFit opens:
7:00 AMRAP of Burpees!
Yes you read that right… do as many burpees as you can in 7:00. Simple. Effective. Sucky.

3.) 20:00 AMRAP
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats

or, if you don’t have anything to do pull ups or rows…

5 Push ups
10 Sit ups
15 Squats
10-15 minute dynamic warm up stretches followed by some extra warm up for your shoulders.

4.) “Loredo”
6 rounds of:
24 Squats
24 Push ups
24 Lunges (total)
400m run

Monday 12/24/18

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! Today is the last day of classes for the year. It is unbelievable to think that this year is already coming to a close. We have 2 class times today (9:15 and 12:00) so come get your last workout in before we close until 1/2 and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

Just because the gym is closed doesn’t mean there won’t any workouts… I will post workouts that you can do at home or with minimal equipment like you may already have at home or a small community fitness center.

January 2nd we will be back to a normal schedule with some NEW ADDITIONS to the schedule.

Beginning Saturday 1/5: 9:15am is BACK!! Make sure to come get your weekend workout in.

Beginning Monday 1/7: 5:00pm Monday and Wednesday

Now, for your traditional Christmas Eve workout… Who knows the Christmas carol “12 Days of Christmas”? Take a second to sing a little bit of it in your head. That’s how the workout will be structured. DOn’t worry if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I will explain it in class ūüôā

“Day” 1: 100m run
“Day” 2: DB squat cleans
“Day” 3: Burpees
“Day” 4: Pull ups
“Day” 5: Deadlifts
“Day” 6: Calorie bike
“Day” 7: KB swings
“Day” 8: Wall balls
“Day” 9: Push ups
“Day” 10: Toes to bar
“Day” 11: Box jumps
“Day” 12: Lunges/leg

Just like the song, you perform #1
Then #2 and #1
Then #3,#2, and #1
Then #4,#3,#2, and #1
Continue the pattern until you reach 12 and count all the way down.

Friday 12/21/18

I hope all of you are getting ready for some fun and happy holiday times over the next couple weeks! I know it is a really busy time of year for all of us so if you can, take a deep breath and enjoy the season. ¬†Enjoy some family time and time spent with friends. ¬†And come January 1st, if you feel like you overdid the holiday eats and drinks… well know that you won’t be alone and we will all be heading back o the gym to work it off!!


Monday 12/24:  9:15 and 12:00 ONLY!

Tuesday 12/25-1/1: CLOSED!! (This is a big change from the previous schedule so I will be posting “at home” workouts you can do that week so keep checking the website if you want a programmed workout to work off the holiday junk foods)


There are going to be some additions to the class schedule beginning in January:
Mondays and Wednesdays (beginning the week of 1/7): NEW CLASS at 5:00pm
Saturdays (beginning January 5th): 9:15am IS BACK!!

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Workout prep

3.) Movement: “Tabata Gone Bad”
:20 work/:10 rest (x8 at each station)
a.) Calorie row
b.) wall balls
c.) KB Swings (Or KB SDHP)
d.) Push press
e.) box jumps/steps 

Wednesday 12/19/18

*YIN YOGA this Friday night at 6:00pm.  Last one of the year!!*

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) Hamstring/Hip and shoulder mobility

2.) Strength: 
a.) Deadlift (5 x 3)
b.) Strict Pull ups (5 x 3)

3.) Movement: Complete 4 rounds for time
400m run
15 Deadlifts
10 Ring Rows

Tuesday 12/18/18

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Workout prep

3.) Movement: ¬†Complete as many rounds/reps as possible in 7:00 of each couplet…

a.) 20 1-arm KB swings
     10 cal bike

b.) 20 double unders/40 singles
     10 plate sit ups

c.) 20 Lateral box jumps/steps (total)
     10 Toes to bar/ knees to chest/ V-ups 

*Rest 1:00 between stations*

Monday 12/17/18

Ok guys we are going into the last couple weeks of the year and coming up on some serious holiday time. ¬†This week we will have a normal schedule, but classes next week and the week after (the week of Christmas and then New Years) will have some changes. ¬†Don’t worry though, 2019 will be here soon with some new additions!! ¬†Below is the holiday schedule:

Monday 12/24 (Christmas Eve): 9:15am and 12:00pm ONLY! There will be some post workout treats and fun so don’t miss this workout ūüôā

Tuesday 12/25 (Christmas Day): CLOSED

Wednesday 12/26: CLOSED

Thursday 12/27 and Friday 12/8: NORMAL SCHEDULE

Monday 12/31 (New Year’s Eve): TBD… I’ll keep you all informed this week!

Now… for today’s workout:

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) Squat prep and mobility

2.) Strength: Push-Push
a.) Front box squat (5 x 3)
b.) DB bench press (5 x 10)
*Can use a standard bench, stability ball, or floor press

3.) Movement: For time…
Calorie row
Thrusters (bar or DBs)

Friday 12/14/18

**NO 5:00pm CLASS TONIGHT!!**

1.) Balance: Dynamic stretching

2.) Strength:  squat clean practice and workout prep

3.) Movement:
10 minutes…
800m run/row, then in time remaining AMRAP of:
8 hang squat cleans
8 push ups

*Rest 2:00

10 minutes…
800m run/row, then in time remaining AMRAP of:
8 OH walking lunges
8 ball over shoulder

*Rest 2:00
10 minutes…
800m run/row, then in time remaining AMRAP of:
8 wall balls
8 pull ups/banded/jumping

Wednesday 12/12/18


1.) Balance:
Dynamic warm up
Overhead mobility

2.) Strength: 4 sets
Press (x1) + Push Press (x2) + Push Jerk (x3)

3.) Movement: Complete as many rounds as possible in 18 minutes
200m run + 20 DB push press (total)
30 double unders + 15 Ring rows
200m run + 20 sit ups
30 double unders + 15 Dips 

Tuesday 12/11/18


1.) Balance: 
a.) Tabata squat prep (Jumping jacks, toe taps, supermans, 90/90)
b.) Glute/hip mobility

2.) Strength: 4 sets
a.) Back squat (x8, work up to challenging weight before beginning working sets)
b.) 1-leg box bridge (x10/leg)
c.) Lateral lunge to RDL (x5/side)

3.) Movement: Complete the following for time…
Burpee box jumps
Goblet squats
Air bike calories

Monday 12/10/18

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Push-Pull
a.) RDL to Pendlay row (x8)
b.) 1/2 kneeling 1-arm press (x8/arm)
c.) Reverse fly (x12)
d.) L-sit (x max effort)

3.) Movement: Complete the following with a partner
100m row-200m row-300m row-400m row-500m row-600m row, then back down

Rest while your partner works

*This is a classic sprint pyramid.  You will have long enough rest periods to be able togo hard during the interval*