Monday 5/6/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: 10-9-8...1
Front squats
DB bench press

3.) Movement: 3 rounds
400m run
500m row
2:00 rest between rounds

*Aim to maintain pace each round*

Friday 5/3/19

1.) Balance:
DYnamic warm up
Shoulder mobility/stability

3.) Strength and Movement: For time, in any order
800m run
30 Barbell lunges/leg
30 Toes to bar/knees to chest
30 Shoulder to overhead
30 Burpees

Thursday 5/2/19

1.) Balance and Strength: Turkish get-ups

2.) Movement: With a partner:
5k row (switch every 250m or 500m)

*While 1 parter rows, the other holds the sandbag. Don't drop it or else you both have 5 burpees before you can switch*

Wednesday 5/1/19

1.) Balance:
a.) Stability ball drills
b.) Hamstring/hip mobility

2.) Strength: 4 sets
Deadlifts x8
walking RDL x10 each
Sinlge leg bridges x15

3.) Movement:
KB swings
Sit ups
*1/2 count Box jumps after each round*

Tuesday 4/30/19

OK, we're BACK!! So after this nice little break, it's time to get back to work. Memorial Day Weekend is about a month away so it's time to start REALLY prepping for a very special workout that we will all more about in class. For now, let's get this week started!

1.) Balance:
AMRAP 7:00
30 jumping jacks
1 wall walk
3 kipping swings
5 band squats
7 Hollow rocks
9 supermans

2.) Strength and Movement:
Complete 4 rounds for time of...

400m run, then
3 rounds of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats

*The run plus the 3 rounds of pull ups/push ups/squats= 1 round*



Just because there's no class doesn't mean no workouts! I will post a workout for Friday and Monday that can be done at home or with minimal equipment if you really need to get a workout in those days 😉

1.) Balance:
Flow mobility
Squat prep

2.) Strength: Back squat test
20 minutes to find a heavy 3 back squat

3.) Movement: Complete for time, partition however you want...

1 mile run
100 wall balls

Tuesday 4/23/19

Tabata-"ish" Tuesday!!

1.) Balance:
a. Dynamic stretches
b. Shoulder bands (IR/ER, Bi/Tri, T's/Diagonals)

2.) Strength and Movement:
:30 work/:10 rest (x8) of the following...

a.) DB bench press and burpees
b.) Max cal bike
c.) Pull ups and plank rows
d.) Max cal row

*rest 2:00 between stations*

Monday 4/22/19

- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week normal schedule
- NO CLASS THURSDAY (4/25), FRIDAY(4/26), SATURDAY (4/27), MONDAY (4/29)
- Back to normal schedule Tuesday 4/30

1.) Balance:
Stability ball drills (3 x10)
HS/Hip mobility

2.) Strength: 4 sets
a.) Sumo deadlift (x12)
b.) 1-leg bridge (x15/leg)
c.) KB RDL (x10)

3.) Movement:
DOuble unders
Sit ups
KB swings (25-20-15-10-5)

Wednesday 4/17/19

Today we have a birthday request. Thanks to Adam, all of you will have super sore arms to match your super sore legs from Tuesdays workout!! Adam has been coming to the 6:00pm class for awhile now and it just wouldn't be the same anymore without his sense of humor. Happy birthday man! Hope you have an awesome day, and can't wait for this workout.

Adam's 40/40
40 minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible)
40 calorie bike
20 ring rows
20 Push ups
200m run
20 Dips
20 MB sit ups
200m run