Tuesday 6/26/18

Well it has been a long couple of days, but we are now back on schedule! Thank you all for your patience and understanding. See you all in class.

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up and muscle activation series

2.) Strength: 20 minutes to establish a heavy technical 3 rep back squat
*”Technical” means that the weight stops going up when there are ANY form cracks!*
**If you already did this on Monday at 6pm class you will do a 3rep technical push press**

3.) Movement: 4 rounds
500/400m row
400m run

Friday 6/22/18

**NO 5:00pm OR 6:00pm CLASSES TODAY!!**

1.) Balance: 10-15 minute dynamic warm up stretches

2.) MOvement: Complete the following for time (40 minute cap…but you won’t need it!!)

1 Round of:
400m run
30 box jumps/step ups
30 Wall balls

2 rounds of:
400m run
21 KB swings

1 round of:
400m run 
30 Box jumps
30 wall balls

Wednesday 6/20/18



1.) Balance: 
a.) Hip/glute mobility
b.) MB skill transfer drills

2.) Strength: Squat clean practice for workout 

3.) Movement: Every 2 minutes on the top of the minute for 

Round 1 (0:00-2:00): 200m run
Round 2 (2:00-4:00): 10 Squat cleans (or power clean + front squat)
Round 3 (4:00-6:00): 50 double unders or 75 single unders
Round 4 (6:00-8:00): 15 Toes to bar/knees to chest

Tuesday 6/19/18

1.) Balance:
Complete 4 sets
3 wall walks
6 PVC pass through and OHS
9 Hollow hold to supermans
12 DB shoulder internal/external rotation

2.) Strength: 15-20 minutes to find a heavy 3 push press

3.) Movement: 12 min AMRAP
21/18 calorie row
15 weighted sit ups
9 Push press

Monday 6/18/18

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s get this week started off right with a good workout!


1.) Balance: 
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) Hamstring/hip mobility

2.) Strength: 5 sets
a.) Sumo deadlift x8
b.) 1-leg RDL x10/leg

3.) Movement: Alternating double tabatas (:20 work/:10 rest x8 each exercise)
a.) Burpees and jump lunges/lunges (8:00 total)
b.) Push ups and ball slams (8:00 total)

Tuesday 6/12/18

1.) Balance
a.) Hip and ankle mobility
b.) Dynamic warm up
c.) SB “Fab 5” (2×15)

2.) Strength: 3 sets
a.) Front squat x4 + Back squat x8 
b.) Pistol squat progressions x5/leg 

3.) Movement: Complete the following for time
800m run buy in, then:
Wall balls
Toes to bar
200m farmers carry cash out

Monday 6/11/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) Tabata hollow hold/rocks and superman holds/rocks

2.) Strength: 5 x 10
a.) Strict press
b.)1 around the world
c.) 1-arm bent over DB row
d.) straight arm pull downs

3.) Movement: 3 rounds for max reps
3:00 max calorie row
3:00 as many rounds as possible of 
30 double unders
10 Push ups

Friday 6/8/18

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Movement prep

3.) Movement: Complete the following solo or with a partner…
100 KB swings
50 Wall balls
30 Toes to bar/knees to chest
50 lunges w/ KB (total)
30 Ring/box dips
50 Sit ups
100 Double unders
**Every 4 minutes run/row 400m beginning at 0:00**


Wednesday 6/6/18

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Movement prep for workout

3.) Movement: 6 minute rounds with 1 minute rest between
a.) 12 ball slams
     12 v-ups

b.) 10 db snatches
      10 box jumps

c.) 8 Pull ups/ring rows
     8 1-arm push press/arm