Benefits of SUP

If you have the luxury of living near the water, you MUST try stand up paddle boarding if you haven’t already.  Any body of water will do, rivers, lakes, the bay or the ocean.  The benefits are plenty, and the hard work is masked by the enjoyment you’ll get from the sport.

At Drive SRQ we deeply believe in living a fun and healthy lifestyle, and often the best way to do this is by participating in an out activity.  We love cycling, mountain biking, and anything near or on the water.  Paddle boarding (SUP) has unique and specific benefits such as improving your balance, reducing stress, and increasing strength.  All of your muscle are used when paddle boarding, and it is true that you may find it difficult at first, but once you learn the proper paddle technique you’ll be cruising over the water and making friends with dolphins, manatees, and varies birds that love to follow.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is also low impact, all the motions are fluid, so truly anyone can do it, and if you fall, you just get wet!  Being a low impact sport like cycling, you will get better cardiovascular health, as this is a distance sport.  Every day you will be able to go farther and farther while simultaneously increase you strength, cardio, and balance.  The sport can be done solo, or with a group.

The benefits are endless, and the connection with nature will have the stress leaving your body the second you hit the water and paddle that first stroke.  Take it from us, just go for it, try it, you’ll be glad you did.

See you out on the water!

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