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Wednesday 8/1/18

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up stretches

2.) Strength: Workout set up/prep

3.) Movement: Complete the following for max reps…

a.) 3:00 As many reps as possible
500m row, then in remainder time
(x4, rest 1 minute between sets)

b.) 3:00 As many reps/rounds as possible
10 Box jumps/steps
10 Air squats
10 DB push press
(x4, rest 1 minute between sets)

Tuesday 7/31/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Hamstring and glute mobility
b.) 3 sets
3 Inch worms w/ toe tap
5 1-leg balance and reach/ side
7 PVC goodmornings
9 Star planks/side
11 Supermans

2.) Strength: Deadlift

3.) Movement: 5 rounds w/ 100m walk/rest between
5 Deadlifts
10 KB swings
200m run


Monday 7/30/18

1.) Balance: 
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) Shoulder bands

2.) Strength: Every minute on the minute perform the following (5 rounds)
a.) 8-10 Floor press
b.) 10 Strict ring rows
c.) 8/leg RLESS or Split squat 
d.) 5 strict chin ups
e.) 10 close grip push ups

3.) Movement: 10 rounds
150m row SPRINT
1 minute rest

Friday 7/27/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) Skill warm up: 3 sets
10 ring rows
5 kipping swings
5 ball slams
:30 run drill

2.) Strength: workout prep

3.) Movement: 4 rounds for time…
400m run
21 KB swings
12 Pull ups/ring rows  (no bands or jumping pull ups today!)

Wednesday 7/25/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Hip mobility
b.) Squat prep:
band side step +1/4 squat
star planks

2.) Strength:
a.) Find a heavy 3-rep back squat
b.) AMRAP with 85% of 3-rep

3.) Movement: Tabatas (:20 on/:10 off x8), 1 minute rest between each one
a.) Push ups
b.) Sit ups
c.) Air squats

Tuesday 7/24/18

Day 2 of testing! No weights today but time to test your endurance…

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) running specific drills

2.) Strength/skill:
Best 1 mile run or Best 2k row if unable to run

3.) Movement:
4 x400m run or 4 x 500m row at your “projected 5k race pace” (I will provide you with those after you finish the test!!)

Monday 7/23/18

This week we will be doing some general fitness testing! It’s hard to see your progress if you don’t have a measure of where you’ve come from.  We will be doing strength testing, endurance testing, and “sprint” testing throughout the week.  It’s fun to get a baseline that we can build from so don’t miss these tests!

1.) Balance:
a.) Hip and shoulder mobility
b.) SB “Fab 5”

2.) Strength:
a1.) Pull ups: 8-10 sets to find a heavy 3 for the day (use bands to scale, or weight to progress)
a2.) Rear leg elevated split squats: 5 sets to work to a heavy 8/leg
b.) Bench press: 8-10 sets to find a heavy 3 for the day

3.) Movement: Complete the following for max reps…
a.) :40 max cal row/:20 rest (x4)
**4 minute rest
b.) :40 max burpees/:20 rest (x4)

Track your calories and reps for each round and do your best to maintain.  Keep in mind these are ALL OUT EFFORTS each time so there will most likely be a drop off in the numbers

Friday 7/20/18

Complete the following for time (solo or with a partner)

25 Pull ups
25 Burpees
50 KB swings
50 lunges (w/ KB)
50 Push press
50 Supermans
50 Wall balls
50 Double unders
25 Burpees
25 Pull ups

Wednesday 7/18/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic stretching
b.) 3 sets
2 wall walks
4 Kipping swings
6 Superman to V-up

2.) Strength: Movement prep for workout

3.) Movement: 20 minutes as many rounds as possible
8 Toes to bar/knees to chest
10 DB clean and jerks (5 each arm)
14/12 calorie row

Tuesday 7/17/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) Hamstring/glute mobility

2.) Strength: Deadlifts  (work to a heavy 5-rep for the day)

3.) Movement:
As many rounds/reps as possible in 5 minutes of the following with 1 minute rest between:

a.) 5 Ring rows
      5 box jumps

b.) 5 push ups
      5 ball over shoulder

c.) 5 KB swings
     5 burpees