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Friday 6/8/18

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Movement prep

3.) Movement: Complete the following solo or with a partner…
100 KB swings
50 Wall balls
30 Toes to bar/knees to chest
50 lunges w/ KB (total)
30 Ring/box dips
50 Sit ups
100 Double unders
**Every 4 minutes run/row 400m beginning at 0:00**


Wednesday 6/6/18

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Movement prep for workout

3.) Movement: 6 minute rounds with 1 minute rest between
a.) 12 ball slams
     12 v-ups

b.) 10 db snatches
      10 box jumps

c.) 8 Pull ups/ring rows
     8 1-arm push press/arm

Tuesday 6/5/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Front rack and squat mobility
b.) Med ball skill transfer exercises
c.) Barbell warm up

2.) Strength: Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes perform…
2 hang squat cleans+1 squat cleans 
*Increase the load as form and technique allow*

3.) Movement: Complete for time
21 power cleans
21 Burpees
15 Hang squat cleans
15 Burpees
9 Front squats
9 Burpees


21 KB swings
21 Burpees
15 KB squat cleans
15 burpees
9 Goblet squats
9 Burpees

Monday 6/4/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) Shoulder mobility and stability

2.) Strength: Upper body circuit and gymnastics skill practice
a1.) Landmine 1-arm press 5 x 10/arm
a2.) Pike push ups or handstand push ups  5 x 5 

b1.)  3 count high ring rows 5 x 10
b2.) Bent over KB/DB row 5 x 10

3.) Movement: 5 rounds for time
200m run
250/200m row
*1 minute rest between efforts*

Thursday 5/31/18

Because of the short week this week (no classes Monday for Memorial Day), we will do a regular workout today (Thursday) and mobility day on Friday.


1.) Balance, Strength, and Movement combined!

30 min. AMRAP
Pick ONE of the following to do solo or with a partner…

400m run
40 Hang power cleans 
40 Push ups
400m run
30 Push press or push jerk 
30 Toes to bar/knees to chest
400m run
20 Thrusters
20 Pull ups

400m run
40 Kettlebell swings
40 push ups
400m run
30 DB push press
30 Knees to chest
400m run
20 DB thrusters
20 Ring rows/jumping pull ups

Wednesday 5/30/18

Happy Birthday Michaela!  Here’s some deadlifts and sit-ups, just like you asked for (plus some other stuff)!!

1.) Balance:
a.) P-chain mobility
b.) 3 sets (or 15 minutes)
10 cal row
10 1-leg RDL
10 SB Hamstring curls
10 Supermans
1 SB Alphabet planks

2.) Strength: 15 minutes to establish a heavy 3 deadlift for the day

3.) Movement: Complete for time…
sit ups

Tuesday 5/29/18

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!  Thank you to all of you that came out for Murph on Saturday.  It was a great turnout and as always, a great workout.  Hopefully some of you realized just how much you CAN actually do if you set your mind to it.  “Murph” is an intimidating workout and can seem scary, but you all tackled it and conquered it well.  

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: 5×10 of each of the following
a.) Front/goblet squat
b.) Single leg RDL
c.) Weighted hip bridges 

3.) Movement: 10 minutes, as many rounds as possible of 
30 double unders
20 sandbag lunges (total)
10 burpees

Thursday 5/24/18

*FRIDAY 5/25 there will be NO 6pm YOGA CLASS!
**SATURDAY 5/26 @ 9:15am  “Murph”

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength and Movement: 
1:00 work/:15 rest at each station, 3 rounds with 1:00 rest between rounds
a.) Cal row
b.) Burpee ball throw
c.) Plate shuffle
d.) Sand bag over shoulder
e.) Bicycles
f.) Plank variations

Wednesday 5/23/18

This week there will be a slight schedule change on Thursday/Friday to prepare for Saturday.

Thursday will be a regular workout this week, while Friday will be mobility and recovery day.

No 6pm yoga this friday! The last class will be 5pm

1.) Balance
a.) T-spine/overhead mobility
b.) Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength
a.) Push Press (5×5)
b.) Band horizontal pull aparts (3×15)
c.) Stability ball Y’s (3×10)

3.) Movement: As many rounds/reps as possible in 15 minutes
40 Double unders/single unders
30 Step ups (15/leg)
20 Sit ups
10 Push press

Tuesday 5/22/18

**SATURDAY 9:15am COME DO “MURPH”!!** You are all well prepared and ready to take on this challenge.  There will be variations for all levels of fitness experience so don’t be scared…or maybe be a little scared and still come conquer that fear!

1.) Balance
a.) Quad and glue recovery
b.) Dynamic warm up
c.) Movement prep circuit

2.) Strength: Pull up progressions

3.) Movement: Complete 3 rounds for time
400m run
21 KB swings
12 Pull ups or ring rows