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Monday 2/11/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up and shoulder bands

2.) Movement: Complete the following for time with a partner
Row 6,000m, partners switch every 300m
*You will have different tasks to do while your partner is rowing and you are waiting for your next turn 🙂
a.) Ring dips
b.) Wall walks or handstand hold practice
c.) Barbell rollout
d.) Waiters carry
e.) L-sit

Friday 2/8/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Pull up practice and workout prep

3.) Movement: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of the following...

12 overhead walking lunges (w/ bar or plate)
8 Burpees over bar/plate
12 overhead walking lunges
8 Chest to bar pull ups/pull ups/ring rows

Wednesday 2/6/19

1.) Balance:
a. Quad and shoulder recovery
b. Deadlift prep and I-T-Ys

2.) Strength:
a.) Deadlift 5 x 5 (work to a challenging weight then do your 5 sets)
b.) DB bench or floor press 4 x 12
*alternate between a. and b. until your sets are done. Then complete your accessories

accessories: 3 sets
1-leg RDL x 10/leg
TRX push up or fly x20
Hamstring curl x10
TRX tricep extension x10

3.) Movement: 21-15-9
Toes to bar

Tuesday 2/5/19

1.) Balance:
a.) Tabatas (jumping jacks, frog hops, extensions)
b.) Dynamic stretches/mobility

2.) Strength: Workout prep

3.) Movement:
Double unders or single unders
Sit ups
KB swings

Monday 2/4/19

1.) Balance:
a. RC 4-way
b. Squat prep

2.) Strength: Every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 16 minutes perform the following
Even minutes: 5 front squats
Odd minute: 3-5 chin ups

3.) Movement: 4 rounds for time (20:00 cap)
400m run
500m row

Friday 2/1/19

1.) Balance: DYnamic warm up

2.) Strength: Workout prep

3.) Movement: Complete as many reps/rounds as possible in each of the following...

a.) 8:00 AMRAP
10 "Lungsters"
10 Ring rows

b.) 8:00 AMRAP
10 ball (or bag) over shoulder
10 push ups

c.) 8:00 AMRAP
200m run
10 DB snatches

Wednesday 1/30/19

1.) Balance:
a.) Hip/hamstring and shoulder mobility
b.) 3 sets of 10
weighted bridge
mb hamstring curl
banded dead bugs

2.) Strength:
a.) Deadlift (4 x 8, work up to a challenging weight THEN perform 4 sets)
b.) Strict press w/ bar or dumbbells (4 x 8, work up to challenging weight THEN perform 4 sets)

3.) Movement: Complete for time...
KB swings

Tuesday 1/29/19

1.) Balance: Fish game then dynamic stretching

2.) strength: workout prep

3.) Movement: Complete the following with a partner

2000m row (partners switch off/on however you want to split it. share a rower)
20 rounds of
5 pull ups (can use bands) or ring rows
7 push ups
9 sit ups

*Partner #1 completes one entire round, then parter #2 completes an entire round while partner 1 is resting. Only 1 person working at a time so there is built in rest

Wednesday 1/23/19

NO 5:00pm CLASS FRIDAY (1/25)
NO 9:15am CLASS SATURDAY (1/26)

1.) Balance:
a. med ball drills
b. front rack and hip mobilty

2.) Strength: Power cleans
After warm up, 12 minutes to find a heavy 2-rep "touch and go" power clean

3.) Movement: AMRAP 15
60 cal row
50 wall balls
40 Toes to bar/knees to chest/V-ups
30 Power cleans
20 Pull ups