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Friday 1/18/19

Today’s workout is brought to you by a special birthday request: Happy Birthday Fred!!

Many of you know Fred for his exceptionally fast running, awesome pull up strength, amazing toes to bar, or maybe even his crazy counting. However you know him, we are happy he’s a part of this community! Enjoy your workout and have an amazing birthday weekend my friend 🙂

Complete the following for time:

Buy-in (meaning this must be completed before you start the rest): 1000 points on the fish game, THEN:

5 Rounds of:
5 HSPU (or 2 wall walks)
25 Box jumps (or step ups)
5 Cleans
200m run

Extra credit: COME TO YOGA AT 6:00pm!!!

Wednesday 1/16/19

**Schedule Announcement**
Next week there will be a couple changes towards the end of the week.

Thursday (1/24) 12:00 and 6:00pm: Amy will be subbing in for me!
Friday (1/25) 9:15am and 12:00pm: Amy will be subbing for me!


1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Deadlift set up and Pull up practice

3.) Movement:
5:00 AMRAP
5 deadlifts
5 burpees over bar

*rest 1:00*

5:00 AMRAP
5 KB swings
5 Push ups

*rest 1:00*

5:00 AMRAP
5 Lunges/leg
5 Pull ups

Tuesday 1/15/19

Don’t miss this special birthday edition!! We have a special request for a birthday workout this Friday, and part of that workout is to come to yoga for “extra credit”!

1.) Balance:
a. Dynamic stretches
b. squat prep

2.) Strength and Movement: 10-9-8-7…1
Back squats
Plate sit ups
200m run
*add weight to back squat each round

3 x 10
Weighted glutei bridges
DB step ups (heavy)
Lateral lunge (goblet position)

Monday 1/14/19

1.) Balance:
Shoulder prep and dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: 3 x 10
a.) Bench press
b.) Bent over row

Accessories: 3 x 10
Ring curl
Ring tricep extension

3.) Movement: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20:00 of…
8 toes to bar/knees to chest/v-ups
10 1-arm db clean and jerks
12 calorie row

Friday 1/1/19

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up and deadlift prep

2.) Strength: Deadlift (Build to a heavy 3 for the day and use 50% for the workout)
a.) SB hamstring curl (3 x 15)
b.) 1-leg RDL (3 x 10/leg)

3.) Workout: Complete as many reps/rounds as possible in 13:00
55 Deadlifts
55 Wall balls
55 Cal row
55 Handstand push ups/ hand release push ups

Wednesday 1/9/19

Don’t let today’s workout scare you! It may seem like a lot but you can all do it. Just chip away at the movements however you want…

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Workout prep

3.) Movement: Complete the following for time IN ANY ORDER!! You may also partition/split up the reps in any way you choose.

30 DB snatches/arm
30 Pull ups/bands/jumping pull ups
30 DB push press
300m Prowler push
60 KB swings
60 Weighted sit ups
60 Walking lunges
600m sandbag carry

Monday 1/7/19

This week starts the addition of 2 new classes: Monday and Wednesday at 5:00pm. If that 6:00 class is just a little too late for your schedule, hopefully this new class time will make it easier to come in and get your workout in!

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up stretches
b.) Shoulder mobility and stability (I-T-Y)

2.) Strength: 21-15-9 for QUALITY of movement
High ring rows
Push ups (deficit)
1-arm KB row
Seated DB Press

3. Movement: Complete for time…
Burpee box jumps
Ball Slams

Friday 1/4/19

**YIN YOGA @6:00pm TONIGHT (every 1st and 3rd Friday)**

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: Power clean and jerk practice

3.) Movement:
A.) 3 rounds, 2:00 rest between. Aim to complete each round in the same amount of time.
800m run or 1000m row or 40/30 cal Bike
15 Power clean and jerks
Rest 2:00


B.) 3 rounds
800m run/1000m row/or 40/30 cal bike
25 KB Swings
15 Push press (DB or Bar)
Rest 2:00

Thursday 1/3/19

**NEW CLASSES ADDED** check out the re-vamped schedule tab for more info!

Also, don’t forget YIN YOGA every 1st and 3rd Friday…that means THIS FRIDAY @6:00pm

1.) Balance:
Squat prep and front rack mobility

2.) Strength: Front squat 3 x 10
Sandbag hip thrusts x10-15
1-leg RDLx8-10/leg

3.) Movement: AMRAP 10
24 Double unders
12 Wall balls
6 Toes to bar/knees to chest/ or V-ups

Wednesday 1/2/19

WOW WELCOME TO 2019!! Happy New Year everyone, hope you all enjoyed the holidays and a nice long break (which we all need from time to time). Now let’s get back to the gym and hit those 2019 goals!

Another reminder of some new additions to the schedule:
Saturday 9:15am returns beginning this week (1/5)
Monday and Wednesday 5:00pm beginning next week (1/7)

And stay tuned for some nutrition and goal setting workshops coming soon! It’s no fun training without some goals, and we can’t reach those goals without a strong foundation of good nutrition 🙂

Wednesday 1/2/19

1.) Balance:
a.) Tabata warm ups
b.) Dynamic stretches

2.) Strength: Easing back into things with some BW exercises
21-15-9 (For movement quality
Push ups
Med ball Air squats
Ring rows
Hollow rocks
TRX “bis and tris”
*Side Planks in between rounds*

3.) Movement: Complete the following…
Who cares?! Just Show Up!