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Friday 7/20/18

Complete the following for time (solo or with a partner)

25 Pull ups
25 Burpees
50 KB swings
50 lunges (w/ KB)
50 Push press
50 Supermans
50 Wall balls
50 Double unders
25 Burpees
25 Pull ups

Wednesday 7/18/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic stretching
b.) 3 sets
2 wall walks
4 Kipping swings
6 Superman to V-up

2.) Strength: Movement prep for workout

3.) Movement: 20 minutes as many rounds as possible
8 Toes to bar/knees to chest
10 DB clean and jerks (5 each arm)
14/12 calorie row

Tuesday 7/17/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) Hamstring/glute mobility

2.) Strength: Deadlifts  (work to a heavy 5-rep for the day)

3.) Movement:
As many rounds/reps as possible in 5 minutes of the following with 1 minute rest between:

a.) 5 Ring rows
      5 box jumps

b.) 5 push ups
      5 ball over shoulder

c.) 5 KB swings
     5 burpees

Friday 7/13/18

1.) Balance:
a.) MB skill transfer drills
b.) Front rack and hip mobility

2.) Strength: 15 minutes to find a heavy 2-rep hang squat clean for the day
*Stop adding weight if technique suffers* 

3.) Movement: Complete for time…
a.) 3 rounds
400m run
12 Hang squat cleans/ or DB hang squat cleans
12 pull ups/jumping pull ups/ or Ring rows


Wednesday 7/11/18

1.) Balance: Dynamic warm up

2.) Strength: movement prep for workout

3.) Movement: Complete for time… (30 minute cap)
800m run
70 Double unders
60 KB swings
50 Box jumps/step ups
40 Deadlifts
30 Toes to bar
20 Alternating DB snatches
10 OH plate lunges per leg

Tuesday 7/10/18

1.) Balance:
a.) 3 sets 
50 jump rope
Shoulder bands
Wall angels
b.) T-Spine mobility

2.) Strength: 5 sets 
a.)  strict HSPU or pike push up (x5)
b.) Strict pull ups, scale w/ bands or progress to weighted (x5)
c.) DB Z-press (x10)
d.) DB bent over row (x10/arm)

3.) Movement: Complete for time
Wall balls
Sit ups

Monday 7/9/18

1.) Balance:
a.) Dynamic warm up
b.) muscle prep

2.) Strength: 5 x 10
a.) RLESS (x5/leg)
b.) Back squat
*rest 1 minute between

3.) Movement: Complete for time
3 rounds
250m row
10 Burpees
200m run
10 Burpees
*rest 1 minute between rounds

Friday 7/6/18

Today is the last day of “Hero Week” to celebrate the 4th!  All week we’ve been tackling some pretty challenging workouts and this one is no exception!

As many rounds/reps as possible in 5 minutes of each of the following:
a.) Burpees

b.) 7  Deadlifts
      7 box jumps

c.) Turkish get ups

d.) 7 db snatches
      7 push ups

e.) Calorie row

*Rest 1 min between each AMRAP 

Tuesday 7/3/18


1.) Balance:
a.) Quad, glute, and pec recovery
b.) Front rack and hamstring mobility/warm up
c.) MB skill transfer drills

2.) Strength: Clean and Jerk practice

3.) Movement: Complete for time

a.) 5 rounds…
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Push jerks
(weight ranges for men 45lbs-155lbs)
(Weight range for women 33-105lbs) 


b.) 5 rounds…
12 deadlifts
9 KB swings
6 DB shoulder to overhead