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Thursday 3/15/18

Mobility and Make-up day!

We spend hours in the gym making our bodies fitter, stronger, faster…but what happens when those hours of breaking down our muscles are not balanced by RESTORING them? 

Recovering properly does not necessarily mean sitting on the couch binge watching our favorite shows.  Why not take the time to properly care for our bodies in the same way we work them out? Now thats proper recovery!  The goal for todays work in the gym is to restore.  We will be working on mobility as well as stability exercises to ensure we can effectively continue working out as hard as we like to.

Wednesday 3/14/18

Today’s workout is just a grinder…grab a partner and get the work done.  Don’t be scared!! Come challenge yourself.

1.) Warm up: 3 sets (followed by mobility)
50 jumps rope
5 PVC good mornings
5 side lunges w/ rotation per side
5 superman to hollow

2.) Complete the following with a partner (split all the reps and partition exercises however you’d like.  Not all 100 reps have to be completed at once before moving on.  You can come back to them!)

100 double unders
100 wall balls
100 deadlifts
100 sit ups
100 ball over shoulder
100 floor wipers
100 lunges (total reps, each partner does 50)

Tuesday 3/13/18

**Schedule Update**
Due to the new flooring installation there will be some schedule changes for this weekend.

NO 12pm, 5pm, or 6pm classes on FRIDAY 3/16


Tuesday 3/13

1.) Warm up: shoulder mobility and stability 

2.) Strength: 
a.) Strict press (5×10)
b.) 1-arm DB row (4×10)
c.) Horizontal pull aparts (3×15)

3.) Workout:
a.) 0:00-10:00
4 rounds
250m row
10 Burpees

b.) 10:00-20:00
4 rounds
200m run
10 Pull ups

Monday 3/12/18

So every now and then we get special requests for a birthday workout.  What better way to celebrate your special day but with a workout of your choosing so you can eat that extra slice of birthday cake?!  This one is a request from someone I am honored to call my friend…Happy Birthday Patty!!


“The Chief”
3 minutes, as many rounds or reps as possible of:
3 Power Cleans
6 Push ups
9 Air squats

Rest 1 minute, repeat for 5 total rounds 

Thursday 3/1/18

So every now and then our bodies need some TLC if you workout hard on a regular basis.  For today we are going to spend our class times working on just that…mobility, stability, and recovery!  Whatever nagging ache, pain, soreness is bothering you take the time to actually address it and work towards fixing it.  

If you haven’t been in all week you may also take today to makeup a workout you missed this week or last week.

Thursday 2/22/18

a.) Deadlifts  3×10 (light)
b.) 1-leg RDL or balance and reach  3×10/leg

Workout: 4 x 3min rounds, 1 min rest between
200m run, then in remaining time complete as many rounds as possible of…
5 Pull ups/ring rows
10 Push ups