Andaz costa rica resort at peninsula papagayo

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With the year-round tropical weather and the range of activities, Costa Rica is an underrated travel destination. Our Andaz Costa Rica resort at Peninsula Papagayo offers an unforgettable holiday for those seeking a dream summer vacation. Contact us at Brokers Costa Rica to find a vast range of vacation rentals.

What our vacation rentals offer

Whether you’re looking for a smaller, 2-bedroom rental or prefer a more luxurious villa with seven bathrooms, we have a selection of rentals to suit various requirements. Our cheapest rental starts at $50, such as our Agua Lechuga, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms which has a maximum capacity of 4 people. Our more expensive options like Villa Manzu ranges between $16,500 and $28,000 and offers eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

Our villa rentals are great places for families to have a relaxing, stress-free stay for their dream vacation. Our properties are a few minutes away from some of the most private and exclusive beaches in the world. Tired of the crowded beaches of Sydney or California? Costa Rica is an excellent alternative with fantastic weather and a more luxurious environment with more things to see and do.

Our locations are secure, as they are in gated communities with private beach access. The beaches in Costa Rica are great for things like surfing and snorkeling. Some of our properties also have their own swimming pools with breathtaking views from the bedrooms that are worth waking up for.

What can you do in Costa Rica resorts?

Our Andaz Costa Rica resort at Peninsula Papagayo has a diverse array of enjoyable activities to make your stay memorable. What sets Costa Rica apart from other popular travel destinations like Spain or Australia is the rich culture and biodiversity of the country that’s so near the US. Costa Rica has one of the most exceptional biodiversity on the planet, with vibrant coral reef and rainforests, to the delight of hikers and snorkelers.

Our resort offers activities that suit a variety of travelers. Whether you'll be traveling alone or with your family, you’ll be sure to find something exciting and novel to do. You can try out water activities like fishing or snorkeling, golf, tennis, or ziplining through forest canopies for the adrenaline junkies out there.

When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

This obviously depends on what activities you want to do while you’re staying in the country. For example, if you're going to do water-based activities like fishing or surfing, some seasons are better than others.

Costa Rica mainly has two seasons, the wet season (from May to mid-November) and the dry season (from November to April). If you’re an avid fisher, be sure to check out when the species you want to catch is the most abundant. Some species are frequent all year-round, while others are common in certain months.

Are you looking for an outstanding place to stay while vacationing in Costa Rica? Our Andaz Costa Rica resort on Peninsula Papagayo is plentiful in exciting activities. Contact Brokers Costa Rica to find out about our rentals.