amusement parks in NJ for kids

amusement parks in NJ for kids

Summer vacation is in full swing and you want to find fun and exciting activities that are enjoyable for your children. Not all amusement parks in NJ for kids are the same. You want to choose one that provides you with non-stop outdoor action all day long. There are some features to consider when you choose amusement parks in NJ for kids.

Plenty of Activities

It is important to choose amusement parks in NJ for kids of all ages. You want to make sure that all of the children will find something they enjoy. It’s a bonus when the adults can also find some enjoyable activities.

You’ll want to have access to some of the most thrilling rides in the area. At Casino Pier you will find major roller coasters such as the Hydrus, as well as a tilt-a-whirl, surf shack and shore shot. The Hydrus roller coaster has a 72-foot vertical lift with beyond-vertical drop. The ride tracks at 45 miles per hour and has more than 1,000 feet of track including a vertical loop, Immelman turn and roll.  The surf shack is a funhouse with a beach theme that is ideal for all ages. Shore shot is a launching ride that is unlike any other.

Other attractions include a 131 foot tall Ferris wheel, air race with thrilling banks and dives, the dizzying Disk’O, Moby Dick, Shore Shot, Pirate’s Hideaway and Skyscraper. There are additional rides and attractions that make your visit fun for everyone in the family, regardless of their age.

There are also many rides that are designed especially for young visitors. The Dizzy Dragon let’s kids ride in colorful dragons. The Crazy Bus is a popular family favorite that features a school bus that moves in many directions. Our classic Car Combo allows little ones to “drive” in a brightly colored vehicle. The Jump Around is a Baja buggy ride for youngsters. Motorcycles, pony carts and Speedway also offer riding fun for children.

Planning Your Day

You and your family can certainly find plenty to see and do at one of the most exhilarating amusement parks in NJ for kids. Along with the many rides and attractions, there is also a boardwalk. Here you can take a stroll, play some arcade games and grab a bite to eat. There are many options for both meals and snacks. The Pier Grille and Dockside Grill offer a variety of family-friendly foods including our popular and tasty pizza. There are also delicious standards such as cheese steak and sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches for the adult palate.  

You’ll also be able to enjoy snacks from Curley Fries, Dippin’ Dots and Beaver Tails. Try one of the best waffles and ice cream in the area. The eating area is clean and pristine so you and your family can enjoy taking a break and having a meal. The entire day will be an enjoyable and memorable family summer outing. Visit our website to learn more about our amenities and to get details about our location.


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amusement parks in NJ for kids
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