DRIVE : verb \ˈdrīv\ An innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal;
    to strive vigorously toward a goal or objective; to work, play, or try wholeheartedly and with determination.


    Balance training unifies the body and allows movement skills to become more fluid, permits sharper angles of deceleration and control to change direction more efficiently and aggressively, and establishes the physical platform for the development of agility. Balance is one of the most potent components of an Athlete.

    Purposefully SHIFT - ADAPT - SENSE ­ Eliminate weak links
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    Building core strength and joint stability is essential to achieving full function for sport specific activities and for the movements and demands of everyday life.



    In sport and in life, movement, balance and strength work in concert to produce skillful performance.
    Only a comprehensive training approach will truly maximize one's potential.

    BE Prepared - UNLEASH your Potential - REACT - DEMAND - CREATE - Organized Chaos - DYNAMIC - ACCELERATE - ACHIEVE


Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch Personal Trainer. Drive offers a variety of unique Services & Experiences that can not be found anywhere else in Sarasota. We have a fully loaded Gym located conveniently in Lakewood Ranch and provide personal training for whatever goal you want to achieve. We strongly advocate living a fit & healthy lifestyle!

DRIVE is training with a purpose. We offer TPI Certified Golf Fitness, Corporate Group Fitness classes, Personal Training, Youth Coaching, Triathlon Coaching. Locals love the small and affordable classes available and appreciate the professional method which DRIVE provides. You won’t find a better Lakewood Ranch personal trainer anywhere, just check out the testimonials.

DRIVE can prepare you physically and mentally to take on any challenge that comes your way. When you work with our Lakewood Ranch personal trainer your training will start with a systematic and thorough assessment of your abilities across the board to determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Once established, your personal trainer will offer specific physical conditioning, mental training, and nutrition education to help you reach your goals.

For all athletes, competition is healthy, exciting and builds the human spirit. Aspiring to be better every day keeps all athletes motivated to work hard and pursue next level goals. Drive inspire athletes and non-athletes through purposeful training, innovative programming and logical progressions that avoid injury at all costs. This is NOT Cross Fit! Each training program workout and drill are based on specific goals and objectives. The best trainers and athletes around the world start with WHY that specific training is taking place. Our training is based on the needs of the person, their sport, the seasonal demands and desired outcomes. Success in athleticism requires a powerful, finely tuned mind and body. Athletes strive for optimal performance at all times. This success is defined by a collection of fitness components; mental toughness, proper nutrition, and leadership skills.

Drive uses an integrated, customized performance training system designed to systematically and purposefully improve all aspects of athleticism. The path to achieving your goals is full of challenges. Drive prepares athletes physically and mentally to take on whatever challenges life may throw at them. This (performance) training starts with a systematic and thorough analysis of physical, mental and athletic ability. Once the benchmarks have been set, the system continues to provide trainers and their clients with specific, coordinated and dynamic programming to identify and address areas of weakness. From physical conditioning to mental training to nutrition and wellness education and beyond, the system leaves no element untouched.

At Drive, we advocate a lifestyle dedicated to high-end experiences....both in and out of the water, in the gym, and at home.